What does it cost?

Shipping cost to us……..
Service cost€ 50,00
Return shipping costFREE
Total service price (without replacement parts)€ 50,00

How do you send it to us?

Remove the handle fork, outer bag and all accessories from your Kirby. What remains is the Kirby body of the machine. Pack the Kirby body in a thick cardboard box with many newspapers and send it without any attachments including the service form to;

Veltec Kirby Specialist
Wanraaij 29 M


How do we do it?

  • We sent you an email the day we received your Kirby and start immediately with the service.
  • After we have checked and repair your Kirby we send you a second email with the invoice.
  • After you paid we will send your Kirby back immediately.
  • We provide two-year warranty on the repair and original Kirby replacement parts.