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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Service & Webshop: Veltec

All parts for your Kirby vacuum cleaner!

Veltec’s a major supplier of the most high-end Kirby vacuum cleaners and accessories. We have been supplying Kirby vacuum cleaners to private individuals and companies for more than 20 years. Our Kirby vacuum cleaner web shop serves all original and revised Kirby vacuum cleaners and accessories. Our Kirby Vacuum Cleaner web shop has more than 180 original vacuum cleaner products in stock. Therefore, Kirby vacuum bags, professional Kirby vacuum cleaners and original Kirby spare parts are never more than a few clicks away. As an extra service we offer you the most helpful Veltec Kirby vacuum instructional videos. All products are easy to buy at our Kirby web shop. If you order your Kirby product today, it will be delivered within 3 working days.

Kirby cleaning systems

The best Kirby cleaning systems for affordable prices!

Besides Kirby vacuum cleaners, we also supply a variety of other household appliances such as Veltec and Kirby cleaning systems. Our Kirby and Veltec product line offers a wide range of innovative and intelligent cleaning equipment. The top-line Kirby cleaning equipment contains an extensive product line of steam cleaners and Kirby vacuum cleaners. We have tested all equipment in advance to make sure that all Kirby and Veltec products are up to the highest Veltec standards. By carrying out these quality tests we have come up with a selection of the best Kirby Kirby and Veltec cleaning systems, Kirby vacuum cleaners and Kirby spare parts. All products displayed in the web shop are high quality and the best value for money.

Veltec cleaning systems

The best cleaning systems for an affordable price!

Veltec is also supplying various household appliances. Our product line consists of a broad assortment of innovative and intelligent cleaning appliances. Under Cleaning appliances, Veltec is offering a broad assortment of steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners. We test all the appliances so that you know that they are working well and we have made a selection of the best cleaning systems with the best price-quality ratio available. Easy to order via our webshop.

Veltec Kirby cleaning parts and accessories

Kirby vacuum cleaner parts

Kirby was founded in the year 1914. Since that time, Kirby vacuum cleaners are considered very reliable and great value for money. Time has shown that good maintenance of your Kirby vacuum cleaner will keep your Kirby in optimal shape for a long time. Unfortunately some wear and tear damage can occur due to frequent use, this is more or less inevitable. Fortunately we have all the Kirby vacuum cleaner parts one might need to keep their Kirby vacuum cleaner running smoothly. Complete Kirby engines, rotor blades, foot pedals, electrical cords even the smallest Kirby screws, we have all the best parts in stock. In the Kirby vacuum cleaner web shop you can find all the original and revised Kirby vacuum cleaners, vacuum storage bags and accessories in just a few clicks.

Vacuum storage bag

Besides the Kirby vacuum cleaner parts such as, rotor blades and complete Kirby engines, Veltec brings more to the table. We offer top-notch Kirby storage bags varying for brand new vacuum storage bags to professionally reconditioned Kirby storage bags. Even vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned once every little while. A new Kirby vacuum storage bag can greatly improve the performance of your vacuum cleaner. A new or a professionally reconditioned Kirby will ensure that you can vacuum all the dust, without having to worry the vacuum storage bag might break.

Kirby accessories

For an optimal performance of your Kirby vacuum cleaner the right kit of accessories is a necessity. For instance, professional brushes will help you to maintain even the most difficult spots on the in-and-outside of the Kirby vacuum cleaner. This maintenance will extend the life of your vacuum cleaner by a great extent. Veltec also offers wheels and Kirby housing fronts to ensure that your Kirby vacuum cleaner stays in optimal condition for a great length of time. If a cleaning job requires just a tad more our Kirby shampoo system may do the job for you. The Kirby shampoo system makes dirty rugs and carpets look like new in only one cleaning. If you have no idea what accessories can help you to thoroughly clean a surface, Veltec can help. We can offer you professional Kirby advise.


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