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Welcome to Veltec Kirby Specialist: Your Expert in Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Veltec Kirby Specialist: For 25 Years Your Reliable Partner

Are you looking for high quality vacuum cleaners and reliable service? Then you have come to the right place at Veltec Kirby Specialist. For 25 years we have been known as the specialist in Kirby vacuum cleaners. Our experience and expertise make us the ideal partner for all your cleaning needs.

Discover Our Kirby Webshop

At Veltec Kirby Specialist you will find everything you need in our Kirby webshop. We offer an extensive assortment of Kirby vacuum cleaners, original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags, and various parts and accessories. Our webshop is user-friendly and offers a seamless shopping experience, so you can easily and quickly find the products you are looking for.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners: Quality and Reliability.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are known for their durability and excellent cleaning performance. These vacuums are designed to remove even the smallest dust particles and allergens, ensuring a clean and healthy living environment. With a Kirby vacuum cleaner, you are assured of an investment in quality that will last for years.

All Original Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Bags

It is crucial to use the right vacuum cleaner bags for your Kirby vacuum cleaner. At Veltec Kirby Specialist you will find all original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags. These bags are specially designed to fit perfectly and provide optimal performance. By using original bags you extend the life of your vacuum cleaner and maintain the best suction power.

Kirby Parts and Accessories

In addition to vacuum cleaner bags, Veltec Kirby Specialist also offers a wide range of Kirby parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for new filters, brushes or other replacement parts, with us you will find everything you need to keep your Kirby vacuum cleaner in top condition.

Original Kirby Parts

We offer a full selection of genuine Kirby parts. These parts are manufactured to the highest standards and guarantee the best possible performance and durability for your vacuum cleaner. With genuine parts, you can be confident that your Kirby vacuum cleaner will continue to function as it should.

Cheaper Own Brand Parts

Besides original Kirby parts we also have a range of cheaper own brand parts. These are made specifically for the Kirby vacuum cleaner and offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. Our own-brand parts are reliable and compatible, allowing you to save money without making concessions to the performance of your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Kirby Service and Maintenance.

At Veltec Kirby Specialist, we understand how important it is to properly maintain your vacuum cleaner. That is why we offer comprehensive Kirby service and maintenance services. Our experienced technicians ensure that your Kirby vacuum cleaner is always in optimal condition.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Kirby vacuum cleaner ensures a longer life and better performance. Our maintenance services include thorough inspection, cleaning and replacement of worn parts. By having your vacuum cleaner serviced regularly, you will avoid costly repairs and keep your vacuum cleaner in top condition.

Conclusion: Choose for Quality and Reliability

Veltec Kirby Specialist is your one-stop shop for all things Kirby vacuum cleaners. From purchasing a new vacuum cleaner to finding the right parts and accessories, to providing regular service and maintenance, we offer everything you need to keep your home clean and healthy. With 25 years of experience and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that you are in good hands with Veltec Kirby Specialist. Visit our Kirby webshop today and discover our extensive selection!

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