Use only original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags

Nowadays many fake Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are offered on the market. However for the use of your Kirby vacuum cleaner it is best to use the original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags. These are namely specially made for the Kirby vacuum cleaner, are 100% reliable and guarantee the preservation of the suction power, the life span and the absorption capacity. Where Kirby vacuum cleaner bags can guarantee this, other brands cannot. Vacuum bags from other brands can even cause damage to your appliance due to poor quality.

Thus, the annoyance over the poor quality still persists when the joy over the low price is long forgotten.

Kirby vacuum cleaner bags have been renewed

The vacuum cleaner bags have been renewed in 2017 and are among the best dust bags in the world because of their high quality. The new generation come in three versions and fit all Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Order now the renewed original Kirby dust bags

Different Original Vacuum cleaner bags

There are two different vacuum cleaner bags that you can use on your Kirby vacuum cleaner. All of these are available at Veltec. Check out the different Kirby vacuum cleaner bags below and read the difference.

Kirby Micron Magic Plus

Kirby Micron Magic Plus is a dust bag with Micro Plus technology and HEPA filtration. Because of the technology and filtration it reduces house dust, pollen, mites and other particles down to 0.3 microns.

The Kirby Micron Magic Plus dust bags fit any type of Kirby vacuum cleaner and are available in packs of two to six.

Kirby Micron Magic

The Kirby Micron Magic dust bags are the replacements for the paper dust bags. This Kirby vacuum cleaner bag no longer consists of paper but is composed of three layers: the two inner layers consist of a HEPA filter and the outer layer of a thick woven fabric.

These new dust bags are considerably improved compared to the paper bag. Namely, they no longer tear, capture up to 15% more dirt capacity and 110% more air circulation.

The Micron Magic dust bags fit every type of Kirby vacuum cleaner and are available in packs of two to six.

Kirby Dust Bags: The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Vacuuming

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Kirby dust bags! As an experienced sales and service expert on Kirby products, I’m excited to tell you everything you need to know about these essential components for your Kirby vacuum cleaner. Whether you’re a new Kirby user or already familiar with this iconic brand, this guide will help you make the right choices and get the most out of your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Why Are These Dust Bags So Important?

Kirby dust bags play an essential role in the performance of your Kirby vacuum cleaner. These high-quality dust bags are designed to effectively capture dust, dirt, hair and allergens while vacuuming. This not only keeps your home cleaner, but also improves air quality by trapping particles that would otherwise circulate.

Air Quality and Durability.

The right vacuum cleaner bag contributes to a healthier indoor environment while extending the life of your Kirby vacuum cleaner by ensuring optimal performance.

What makes Kirby Vacuum Bags Unique?

Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are distinguished by their high-quality materials, advanced filtration technology and perfect fit for specific Kirby vacuum cleaner models.

Materials and Filtration.

Each vacuum cleaner bag is made of durable materials that resist tearing and abrasion. Advanced filtration technology ensures that even small particles are effectively retained, improving the air quality in your home.

How to Choose the Right Kirby Vacuum Bags?

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner bag is crucial for optimal performance. Here are some important considerations:

Model Compatibility and Filtration Level.

Make sure you choose the dust bag that is compatible with the model of your Kirby vacuum cleaner. Also consider the filtration level, especially if you suffer from allergies or have pets.

Our Top Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Discover our recommended Kirby vacuum cleaner bags that meet different needs:

Kirby HEPA plus Vacuum Cleaner Bags

These HEPA vacuum cleaner bags are ideal for families with allergies because they retain up to 99.97% of particles, improving indoor air quality.

Kirby Micron Magic Vacuum Cleaner Bags.

Micron Magic vacuum cleaner bags offer excellent filtration and durability for general purpose use.

Kirby Style F Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags.

Suitable for a variety of Kirby models, these universal vacuum cleaner bags offer an affordable high-quality option.


Kirby dust bags are essential for an effective vacuuming experience with your Kirby vacuum cleaner. By choosing the right vacuum cleaner bag and replacing it regularly, you can not only keep your home clean, but also extend the life of your vacuum cleaner. Choose from our range of vacuum cleaner bags and enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment!