Kirby user manual

Welcome to the Veltec Kirby specialist. We are pleased that you have purchased a Kirby vacuum cleaner. This is not just any vacuum cleaner, this is a complete household system. Please read this manual carefully before you start using the Kirby vacuum cleaner.

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This Kirby user manual is offered to you by Veltec Kirby specialist.

How to replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner bag

How to replace the fittings of the Kirby vacuum cleaner hose

How to replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner beater brush

How to replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner drive belt

Kirby user manual

Maintenance of a double-insulated cleaner In a double-insulated cleaner, two insulation systems are provided instead of grounding. No grounding is required and therefore no grounding should be applied to the cleaner.

A double insulated cleaner is marked with the words DOUBLE INSULATED (US and Canada). The symbol may also appear on the device. Double insulated appliances must be maintained with great care by a professional trained in this system. Kirby user manual

No spare parts other than those made by Kirby® should be used for this double-insulated model. DANGER Danger of electric shock. – Always unplug the power cord before servicing.

NEVER use with a damaged plug. – You must take the unit to an authorized Kirby® distributor if it is not working properly or has been dropped, damaged, left outside or dropped into water. You may suffer serious or fatal injury if you fail to do so

The Kirby motor will not turn on. the Kirby instruction manual states

1. Check that the plug is in the outlet and that there is power on the outlet.

2. Make sure the cord is fully connected to the unit.

3. Check the Kirby electrical cord for damage. A damaged cord must be replaced by an authorized Kirby® distributor.

4. Make sure any attachment or accessory is securely attached to the front of the unit. The appliance will not function if the Kirby wide beater nozzle, Kirby vacuum hose or Kirby bladder protection cap are not attached or not properly attached.

5. The unit will not operate if any of the following attachments are not properly connected to the air outlet port: Kirby Mini-Emptor, Kirby shapoo collection container, attachment hose or Kirby water reservoir for multiple surfaces.

The device is not picking up the dirt.

1. Check that the Kirby brush roll is rotating when the unit is on by looking at the green indicator light on the brush roll. If the light is not on, the brush roll is not rotating freely, the Kirby drive belt is slipping, the belt is broken or the belt has not been activated. The belt may need to be replaced.

2. Check that the height of the Kirby wide beater nozzle is set so that the brush makes contact with the floor covering. According to the Kirby instruction manual, use the foot control to adjust the height. See page 20.

3. When the Kirby brushes and accessories rotate and are in contact with the floor covering, check the wear of the bristles and adjust the brush roll height as necessary.

4. Check to see if the Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are full. If so, replace them with a new dust bag.

5. Check the Kirby fill hose dust bag and air outlet port for blockages.

The unit is difficult to push.

1. With the engine off, check that the Tech Drive® -Kirbyrear wheel drive is in neutral before pushing the unit.

2. If the engine is on, put the Tech Drive® -Kirby rear wheeldrive in drive mode to make it easier to push the unit. Do not use the Tech Drive® drive mode on floors with hard surfaces.

3. If necessary, adjust the height of the power squeegee

You smell burning rubber while using the unit.

The Kirby instruction manual states 1. Check that the brush roll is rotating when the unit is on by looking at the green indicator light on the brush roll. If the light is not on, the brush roll may have stopped due to wires stuck around the ends of the brush.

Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Remove the brush roll from the unit and check that it rotates freely at both ends.

2. The belt may not be fully activated or deactivated. Check that the green or red arrows on the belt lift function are directly opposite each other.

3. If a slipping belt has left a black residue on the motor shaft, carefully remove it with steel wool or sandpaper and replace the belt.

The outer permanent bag or disposable dust bag smells unpleasant.

1. Replace the dust bag.

2. Put a few drops of Odorific II® on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in the Kirby outer bag

3. Check for debris in the Mini Em-Tor®.

4. We do not recommend washing the outer textile bag.

The Kirby multi-surface shampoo system does not produce foam when cleaning carpets.

1. Make sure the suds control on the shampoo reservoir is turned clockwise to the carpet position.

2. Disconnect the curved hose piece and make sure the small suds screen is properly seated in the bottom opening of the shampoo reservoir.

3. Remove the shampoo reservoir from the unit and check that the foam filter is properly positioned at the bottom of the large opening connected to the outlet port.

4. Use only Kirby® Carpet Shampoo. Check that the correct mixture of Kirby® Carpet Shampoo has been used in the reservoir. In order to clean properly, the belt must be activated and the bumper strip properly in place at the bottom of the container. Check that this is the case in Kirby user manual

NOTE Use only Kirby cleaning products for the Kirby® household system.

Failure to do so may result in property damage. WARNING – Use only Kirby® cleaning products, such as Kirby® Hard Floor Cleaner Concentrate and Kirby Carpet Shampoo in the vacuum cleaner cleaner combination to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or injury and damage to internal components.

TAPE CLEANERS Carpet Shampoo Deep cleaning of carpets and rugs.

Safe for carpets and non-toxic. Kirby stain removal spray Spray on stain and dab with a clean, white cloth. Pretreatment for “runners” on carpets Spray on extra dirty areas and allow to soak in for a few minutes before shampooing.

Kirby® Foam

For cleaning carpeted stairs, car mats and other hard-to-reach areas. Brightening Oxygen Additive Add this to Kirby® Carpet Shampoo to brighten light-colored carpets.


Carpet shampoo for households with pets Neutralizes pet stains and odors during cleaning. Kirby pet stain remover and odor remover Accidental stains are clean in no time.

REFISERS HomeFresh room and carpet freshener For a fresh, pleasant scent sprinkle on carpets and vacuum after a few minutes. Odorific II® Deodorizer Removes odors from garbage cans and damp walls.

A few drops leave a fresh scent in the vacuum bag.


Kirby citrus scuttle grease remover Removes labels and sticky residue. Hard Floor Cleaner Gently loosens dirt on hard floors. Tile & Grout Pre-treat and Cleaner Tile & Grout Pre-treat penetrates deep into joints. Tile & Grout Cleaner cleans and beautifies tile floors. Miracle Shine Brings a brilliant shine to your hard floors.

NEVER buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner again:

Just to get rid of the salesman who won’t leave otherwise.

Never buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner reconditioned just because you plan to cancel tomorrow. Canceling is your RIGHT not the REASON for the purchase.

Because your objections ran out. Salespeople know what you are going to say before you say it. They are trained to deal with anything you say.

To get rid of the salesmen you simply say that “despite what was said and whatever you agreed to you were just led to those answers by his able demonstration.

You will not get the Kirby vacuum cleaner today”.

Be very clear and stern yet polite. Don’t let the salesperson turn your “you won’t get the Kirby vacuum cleaner today” statement into a finance contract with “90 days no payment”.

They may ask you if you lied when you said this or if you have the guts to admit you were wrong or even lied a little to prove the seller right.

If the seller is still nice

you can offer $50.00 or whatever you want to offer since he/she does NOT make money from demonstrations (this is where they lie to get in the house).

Don’t feel guilty about that contest he/she pitched is only to put urgency in the deal to get the sale. This is nothing more than just another version of what you see on TV all the time that sounds like “but wait if you call NOW we will do so and so “.

If the salesperson becomes rude, do not get into an argument but simply say “you would like him/her to leave now”.

If you feel the person is becoming aggressive, do not jump into the fray – call 911.

Buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner if:

It doesn’t hurt to sleep on it, no matter how badly the salesperson needs that trip or bonus. Admit it – you are excited and may not be able to think clearly.

Remember some things in life that you made the decision on the spot and later regretted it. Be assured that you will get the same, if not a better deal tomorrow. But if you are tempted to make the deal there and then while the seller is still in the house, I can’t blame you.

When buying a Kirby vacuum cleaner from a vendor in your home, you should:

Make sure the person cleaning the house really loves it. If you “think” that your spouse or the cleaner loves it, that is a false assumption. He/she may dislike it and the expensive vacuum cleaner will eventually become another box in the attic.

Be assured that you will need another hour or two to read through the Kirby user manual and figure out how to use the unit. It seems very simple when the salesperson explains it.

It is, but tomorrow you may not remember where and when to turn that knob to get the nozzle on properly.

Make sure you know the total payments if this is the financing. It is not unusual to see interest rates on those vacuum finance contracts well above 20%.

Leave your options open by law you have 3 business days to cancel the transaction:

Avoid paying cash (not even initial deposit) it will be very difficult to cancel the transaction later if you choose to.

Consider a credit card before going for financing.

Make sure you have copies of all signed forms and have the distributors’ phone number, address and finance company phone number.

Be sure to include the cancellation form (usually part of the receipt and financing contract).

You are promised bags of shampoo or any additional accessories that seller is not on him deduct sales price for these items from the contract and pay him when he brings what is promised. Often the seller has to buy supplies and accessories from the distributor and is all the more reason to “forget” what was promised.