Buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner? Order your Kirby from € 395.00!

You are considering buying a Kirby vacuum cleaner, but you find the purchase price too high?

We supply complete Kirby vacuum cleaners that you can easily order online. You already own a Kirby vacuum cleaner for € 395,00.

Maybe you have heard already a lot of good things about Kirby vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have a super absorption power! A Kirby vacuum cleaner is in fact not a vacuum cleaner but a complete cleaning machine. You can do much more with it than just  vacuum cleaning. Kirby vacuum cleaners are the ultimate help in your household. Since its invention in 1914 it has been demonstrated without dispute that Kirby vacuum cleaners are the most long lasting vacuum cleaners in the world and that they can last a lifetime.

The Kirby Vacuum cleaner: a complete cleaning machine. Choose the best, choose a Kirby!

Kirby vacuum cleaner

Kirby vacuum cleaners are high quality vacuum cleaners. At present in the world there many thousands of Kirby vacuum cleaners still operational that are over 30 to 40 years of age. The suction power can’t be matched and because of the patented filtration you have the best filtration system in the world with a Kirby vacuum cleaner. At Veltec you can find reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners. These cost considerably less than  a new Kirby vacuum cleaner. They are equally good and are delivered with 1 year full guarantee.

What is reconditioned?

We import all our Kirby vacuum cleaners from England. These vacuum cleaners originate from Kirby distributors that have used the Kirby vacuum cleaners for demonstration purposes. These Kirby vacuum cleaners are no longer in the original packaging and can’t be sold as new anymore. We purchase these vacuum cleaners in large volumes and because of the purchase volume the price can be kept low. Subsequently these Kirby vacuum cleaners are thoroughly inspected in our workshop and provided with full servicing. Review our Kirby Service Checklist. All worn vacuum cleaner parts are replaced with new parts and finally the Kirby vacuum cleaner is polished again so that it can’t be distinguished from a new item. We supply these machines with 12 months of full guarantee.

You are then insured for
• All Kirby engine parts.

Reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners from Veltec can’t be told from being new but they cost 80% less! You can already own a Kirby vacuum cleaner with guarantee for € 395.00.

Kirby stofzuigers

Kirby vacuum cleaners with guarantee starting at € 395.00

All Kirby vacuum cleaners are delivered including a 16 parts storage box, the wide beat/suction part and the patented Kirby outside bag with a long handle.

The Kirby Storage box 16 parts:

Kirby Storage box
Kirby Shampoo pistol
Kirby Grip
Kirby Aspiration protection cover
Kirby Shampoo foam cap
Kirby Massage cup
Kirby Blower device
Kirby Dusting brush
Kirby Furniture mouth piece
Kirby Ceiling and wall brush
Kirby Air regulator
Kirby Skirting brush
Kirby Extension pipes 2 xs
Kirby Flat floor brush
Kirby Vacuum cleaner hose (2 mtrs.)

The wide Kirby beat/suction piece

The wide beat/suction piece with the mechanically driven rolling brush (driven by a belt) is by far the best in-depth cleaning available in the market.

The soft hairs in the brush make the poles in the carpet move and with a soft air stream sand and dust are removed from under the back of the carpet. This happens in such a soft manner that should one hold a cigarette against the brush, the tobacco will be tapped out of the paper tube without damaging it.

The power head can be used for in-depth cleaning of tapestry and mattresses.

The patented Kirby vacuum cleaner outer bag

Via the Mini-Emtor, (a kind of swan-neck in which sharp and heavy objects stay behind) the aspired air is pushed upward through the input hose after which the Kirby dispensable vacuum cleaner bag is filled from the bottom up. Because of this the Kirby vacuum cleaner does not lose suction power and the vacuum cleaner bag can be filled with an optimal effect.

The Kirby outer bag that meets with the Hepa standards is the only filter in the Kirby and has a surface that is as much as 30 larger than practically all other vacuum cleaner brand, being about 600 square centimetres. Because of this the Kirby outer bag keeps its features for a very long time, the suction power remains optima and unpleasant smells are neutralized with much more effect.

Which Kirby vacuum cleaner will be yours?

ou can easily order them via the website. All reconditioned  Kirby vacuum cleaners will, if in stock, be delivered to your home within  3 working days.
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Kirby vacuum cleaners for lovers of quality, reliability and high performance levels. Of course you can ask us also for information about the options and the various models. E-mail:   Phone: +31 (0) 36 260 00 61