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Are you looking for Kirby Vacuum cleaner spare parts?

You can order Kirby spare parts easy in the webshop of Veltec. Affordable and delivered quickly! Look immediately in our Kirby vacuum cleaner webshop.

 Kirby Onderdelen                         

Kirby Vacuum cleaner spare parts

Are you looking for (new) Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts? 
Veltec has all original Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts in stock. 
You can order them easily on line in our web shop. 
Veltec is the largest distributor of Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts, and we have more than 300 original Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts in stock.
If you can’t find certain Kirby spare parts in our web shop, please contact us Phone: +31 (0) 36 260 00 61.


A cross section of our product range

Veltec a wide range of  Kirby spare parts, including:

- Kirby vacuum cleaner bags
- Kirby cleaning products
- Kirby motor spare parts
- Kirby spare parts
- ....... and much more

We sell also Kirby motor spare parts. You can install these yourself.

Kirby Tutorials:

 "How do I replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner belt?"
/media/img/veltec/images.jpg "How do I replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner brush?"
/media/img/veltec/images.jpg "How do I replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner bag?"
/media/img/veltec/images.jpg "How do I replace the connection elements or my Kirby vacuum cleaner hose?"

Veltec repair service

Our service mechanics will gladly repair your Kirby. We have been working for 13 years with Kirby and all our mechanics are specialised in the maintenance and repair of Kirby vacuum cleaners. The reparation of a Kirby will take place at your home upon appointment. Our mechanics have all original Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts that are required for that. So you can get back to cleaning fast enough with your repaired Kirby.

Online Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts order

Veltec has a wide range of spare parts for your Kirby vacuum cleaner in the web shop. That is how you can buy quick and easy anything you need for your Kirby. On the website you will find an overview of more than 180 original Kirby spare parts. Order before 15:00 hours and it will be delivered to your home 3 working days later. Do you want more information about Kirby vacuum cleaner spare parts? Consult our service department that can be reached on Mondays through Fridays between 09:00 and 21:00 hours.

The Netherlands: 036 - 260 00 61   International: +31 (0) 36 260 00 61