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Mattress Cleaner

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Mattress Cleaner with antibacterial UV-light. An ideal device to remove bacteria from your mattress and eliminate mites from your home.



5 cleaning functions: 

. Dual Hit vibration function. 
. UV light function that sterilizes. 
. Superficial cleaning with an auxiliary brush. 
. Great suction power to eliminate all dirt. 
. LED light for a better vision while cleaning. 
. Energy efficiency class A. 
. Touch panel. 
. Double filter: HEPA 12 and aluminium. 
. Suitable for every type of soft surface. 
. Mattresses. 
. Pillows. 
. Upholstered furniture. 
. Carpets and rugs. 
. Stuffed toys. 
. 0.3 L easy-to-clean dirt container. 
. Working perimeter: 7 m. 


Main body 

. HEPA filter 
. Micro-perforated aluminium filter 
. Instruction manual

Height    50,7 cm
Width     26 cm
Depth     23 cm
Weight    1,5 kg

 The delivery time of this product is 5-10 business days


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