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Wet & Dry 1400 Pro

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Wet & Dry High-power wet and dry vacuum cleaner: 1400 W.



· High-power wet and dry vacuum cleaner: 1400 W.
· Power regulator for an absolute control.
· Blower system: equipped with blowing function.
· Suitable for every type of surface thanks to its 5 accessories: brush for hard oors, brush for parquet, accessory for fabric, multipurpose brush, and corner brush.
· Double ef cient ltering system: HEPA lter and water lter.
· Puri es the air, eliminating 99 % of bacteria, allergens, and dust. · Suction power: from 15 to more than 20 kPa.
· Bagless great capacity container: 15 litres.
· Working perimeter: 7 metres.
· Easy to move thanks to its 4 wheels.


· Vacuum cleaner
· Long exible tube
· 2 plastic tubes. 1 with parking position.
· 4 wheels
· Accessories: hard oors, parquet, fabric, multipurpose, and corners. · Instruction manual

WARRANTY: 2 years 

  The delivery time of this product is 5-10 business days



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