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The Avalir "New in the box "



The Avalir "New in the box "


New in the box "Kirby Avalir"

Delivery time: within one week, while the stock lasts.
We deliver the Kirby with 12 months of full guarantee.

The new Kirby Avalir is delivered including;
* The Kirby 16 parts storage box with vacuum cleaner hose (2mtr)
* The Kirby wide beat/suction piece with beating brush
* The patented Kirby outer bag with long handle
* Extensive Kirby instruction DVD

You can extend the Kirby with extra options.

The Kirby machines are delivered to your home, including an extensive Kirby instruction DVD in all languages.

Additional Information

Extra verzendkosten Product heeft extra verzendkosten
Generation 3 Nvt
Generation 4 Nvt
Generation 5 Nvt
Generation 6 Nvt
Kirby Avilir Nvt
Ultimate G Nvt
Ultimate Diamond Nvt
Kirby Sentria Nvt
Kirby Sentria II Nvt
originalkirby No
Servicetekst No
Video No