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The new Kirby Sentria

Kirby Sentria "Kirby vacuum cleaner New in box"  Super Sale now offer 50% discount while stocks last



The new Kirby Sentria 

A powerful vacuum cleaner for a really clean home.
You must have heard about Kirby vacuum cleaners, those vacuum cleaners for which clean means really clean.

The new showcase for Kirby is the Kirby Sentria. The Kirby Sentria I is launched in 2006 til September 2012. The Kirby Sentria II is launched in 2012 til 2015. This Kirby will be delivered standard with a 16 part storage box, The Kirby wide beat/suction piece for the in-depth cleaning of carpets and mattresses, a long handle and the patented Kirby outer bag Sentria.

The showcase “The Kirby Sentria”

Many improvements have been implemented. For example it is quieter, longer lasting and weighs less. The Kirby Sentria has also had a complete makeover compared with earlier  models. The filtration in the Kirby Sentria has, in a combination with the new Kirby vacuum cleaner bags Allergen, improved even more and 15% more capacity and 110% more air circulation.

Is a Kirby Sentria expensive?

The sales price of a Kirby Sentria at a Kirby distributor is around € 3.200,00
However, we can offer the Kirby Sentria at a much lower price. A new Kirby Sentria costs € 1.500.00 when you buy it from us, meaning that it is therefore no less than € 1.700,00 euro’s cheaper

How is that possible?

We are not dependent on the Kirby Company and therefore we don’t need to make price arrangements.
Furthermore we don’t have expensive company building, don’t drive around in expensive lease cars and don’t work with representatives who come to demonstrate the machines as a sole trader and have to make a living with that. You are the one to benefit from all these cost cuts.

Why a Kirby Sentria?

Whether you want to keep a private home or company premises clean, the Kirby Sentria meets all your wishes. What are the advantages of the new Kirby Sentria?

-Powerful air stream and patented filtration system
-Very easy to operate
-Professional in-depth cleaner for wall-to-wall carpets
-Kirby Shampoo system for the shampooing of wall to wall carpets and upholstery 
-Kirby Scrub brush  for all hard floor types
-Removes dust mite from mattresses and hard to reach places
-etc., etc……..

Kirby Sentria Nieuw in doos

More information or order online?

Look in our webshop for the ordering options for the Kirby Sentria. Do you want more information about the Kirby Sentria or others? Call us!

The Netherlands: 036 - 260 00 61
International: +31 (0) 36 260 00 61

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